Listening to God – All Age Worship

This week we’re having an All Age Worship. A time where we are one family of God, worshipping and learning together.

The theme for this service is ‘Listening to God’ based on 1 Samuel 3: 1-10

Listening to God AAW.jpg

In the story, Samuel spent a lot of time listening to God. Initially he did not recognise God’s voice, but once he knew it was God speaking, he listened attentively. God spoke though Samuel to the people around him. In today’s world, life is often very busy, and it is sometimes hard to find time to sit and listen. We believe God still speaks to people today – in lots of different ways – but it is not always easy to hear his voice among all the other voices that surround us.

Following the time together we will be having a bring and share lunch. There’s always plenty to go around. Hope to see you there.



Keep on Praying

This session we want the children to discover that we can always talk with God. Based on Luke 18: 1-8.

Many children are good at praying about things and for things, but can find it hard to continue to pray, especially when they don’t see things happening.

So this session we’ll learn that God, unlike the judge in this story, is like an adult who continues to listen patiently, because they delight in hearing the child fully explaining the situation. So we will encourage our children to keep talking to God and to be reassured that he is always listening.

Think  P.I.N.G.U.

Prayer Instruction – Never Give Up

We can talk with GOD

This weeks session continues from where we left off last week. We’re focusing on Luke 11: 5-13 ‘Continue to Ask’

This session we will hear a story Jesus told his friends something important about talking to

This passage in the Bible has the story where a man knocks at his neighbours door to ask for some bread only to be turned away. The neighbour keeps on asking and in the end the man gave him some bread.

From this the children will learn that God is never cross when we ask him for things. He loves to hear us asking for what we need. Jesus told the story because he wanted his friends to keep on asking God for what they need. God wants us to talk to him. He will always listen.

This session has a variety of activities planned to help encourage the children to pray. One activity will be a stepping stone prayer. The children will have three coloured ‘stones’ (paper circles), and on them they will write or draw something different…

Stone 1 (white):something to describe God

Stone 2 (pink): Something they’d like to ask God for themselves

Stone 3 (blue): Something they’d like to ask God for someone else.

Once they have completed their stones they will spread them out around the room.  In the centre of the room will be a hula hoop.  The aim is to get to the middle by ‘hopping’ on the stones, they start at a white stone say what they see/read and then hop to a pink/blue one until finally they are able to hop into the hula hoop shouting ‘Amen!’ The children can either pray their own stones or hop on their friends stones to get to the centre.



Happy New Year!

New year, new series.

This Sunday we begin a series ‘Talking with God’. We know that prayer should be a natural part of the Christian life, but if we are honest we all struggle at times. This new series gives us an opportunity to look at what Jesus says about prayer.

We begin the series by looking at the Lord’s Prayer from Luke 11. It’s a model for our own praying, demonstrating a concern for God’s honour and reputation, for his values to be displayed in the world, for our relationships with others as well as for our own needs.

The session contains a mix of traditional and creatively innovative prayer, to
help the children build and develop their relationship with God. The children will be encouraged to see that we can talk to God about any aspect of our lives, and at any time, and more importantly that God is eager to listen to us.

Helping our children to develop a prayer life of their own will be an important aspect of this and the next few sessions.

Amazing. Wow!

Amazing. Wow! The Nativity was AWESOME! Everyone got involved with the audience participation.  Although…we nearly had a mis-hap… we forgot to bring the most important prop from the downstairs hall to the ‘main stage’..BABY JESUS!  Jokes aside, it was a wonderful service where we could share the greatest story of all time.

Huge thanks to everyone who; came along, invited people, got involved in the acting, the music, providing the props, and donated mince pies for after the service!

This Sunday is our Carol service. In ABC Kids we will be looking at the ‘Christmas Surprise’ of the surprising message from amazing messengers. Its a jam packed session where we will be  using our imagination and making plenty of noise, alongside quieter, less hectic activities.

No Rehearsal Nativity

This Sunday is our Nativity! A No-Rehearsal Nativity… #anythingcanhappen

We’ll be re-enacting that special night over 2000 years ago when Jesus was born.

We can use what we have learnt over the last few weeks in our ‘Christmas Surprises’ sessions.

Invite your friends and family along. We have costumes at the ready! EVERYONE will be involved in one way or another!


We also have our Christmas Craft day on Saturday! Come along and enjoy making some Christmas related crafts… I think the walking penguins might be a hit 😉