Spotlight: What does God look like?

Yesterday we launched our after school club for children in school year 2 – year 6.


When we arrived we gathered together to have pancakes (as its Shrove Tuesday today), hot chocolate – with marshmallows! or milkshake.  It was delicious!



We started the session with a question:

What does God look like?

We looked at some famous faces to see if we could tell who they were… can you guess?

2017-02-28 09.27.33.jpg

What does God look like? – tricky hey!

So to help us understand the question we looked to the Bible.  Our story came from the Old Testament with a story about Moses and a burning bush (Exodus 3: 1-15).  We heard how God appeared to Moses like fire. But this doesn’t mean God always looks like fire. At other times God appeared to Moses as a cloud. What the Bible does tell us, though, is what God is like. By reading about God in the Bible we can know that he is a very caring and loving God.

We thought about different words we could use to describe what God is like.  We thought about stories we’ve heard from the Bible, we thought about words used in songs that we sing in school and church – we even made up new words by blending two words together #incredamazing.

Using these words we drew a bush then splattered paint on them to create flames.  Around our fantastic pieces of artwork we wrote some of the words and phrases to describe God.

(Click the images to view larger)

Next week we explore the question: How did God make people?


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