Psalm 19

This Sunday we begin a new series called ‘Songs to God’ where we’ll be looking at four Psalms.

The Psalms are rich and varied. Shouts of praise, expressions of confidence, cries of distress, prayers for help; all these and more can be found. They reflect the whole of life lived out in relationship with God. Sometimes, because they were written in a very different cultural setting, we find some ideas strange, but most of the time we find ourselves, our circumstances and our emotions mirrored here.

This week we look at Psalm 19. In this psalm, David writes about how all of creation tells of God’s great works. He created the world, and us, and so we should praise him. Likewise, God’s Word is perfect and gives us life (verse 7), this is mirrored by John’s writing about Jesus (the Word made flesh) in his Gospel. We should care about following him because he made us and cares for us. He loves us!
From this session we hope the children will understand that even though we’ve never seen God we can know about Him because of what He’s
made. We can look around and see how awesome He is.

The children will have the opportunity to be creative themselves. They could build something from construction or playdough (a BIG favourite here at ABC Kids), they could draw or create their own poem or song about God’s creation.

We love the song ‘Creator God‘ from Worship for Everyone so we’ll get the instruments out and praise God for all that He has created.


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