Ways to Pray – Smug or Sorry?

For this session we would like the children to discover that God knows all about us. He knows us from the inside. With that in mind when we pray God wants us to be honest with Him.  Based on Luke 18: 9-14 .

To demonstrate this we’ll have two boxes, one looking sparkly and pink in a prominent position and the other a rather tatty box which will be partially hidden. Inside the tatty box will be something really precious. The sparkly pink box will have a blank sheet of paper.

The children will hear how there is something special for them to see. A child will be invited to come and open the box to show everyone the contents. We won’t tell them which box to open but hopefully they’ll go straight for the sparkly box. When the contents are a disappointment we’ll show the children the tatty box which will have the precious item in there. The aim of this is to remind US that it wasn’t the outside that was important, but what was inside. Similarly, it’s not what we look like or how we behave on the outside that’s important. God knows that it is the real person who is inside us who is important. He knows what we are really like and we don’t need to pretend we are something else.

When you pray are you truly honest with God?


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