We can talk with GOD

This weeks session continues from where we left off last week. We’re focusing on Luke 11: 5-13 ‘Continue to Ask’

This session we will hear a story Jesus told his friends something important about talking to

This passage in the Bible has the story where a man knocks at his neighbours door to ask for some bread only to be turned away. The neighbour keeps on asking and in the end the man gave him some bread.

From this the children will learn that God is never cross when we ask him for things. He loves to hear us asking for what we need. Jesus told the story because he wanted his friends to keep on asking God for what they need. God wants us to talk to him. He will always listen.

This session has a variety of activities planned to help encourage the children to pray. One activity will be a stepping stone prayer. The children will have three coloured ‘stones’ (paper circles), and on them they will write or draw something different…

Stone 1 (white):something to describe God

Stone 2 (pink): Something they’d like to ask God for themselves

Stone 3 (blue): Something they’d like to ask God for someone else.

Once they have completed their stones they will spread them out around the room.  In the centre of the room will be a hula hoop.  The aim is to get to the middle by ‘hopping’ on the stones, they start at a white stone say what they see/read and then hop to a pink/blue one until finally they are able to hop into the hula hoop shouting ‘Amen!’ The children can either pray their own stones or hop on their friends stones to get to the centre.




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