Noah and the rainbow

Session Aim: To recognise that God keeps his promises.

Bible Reference: Genesis 8:13 – 9:17

This is our final session on the story of Noah, and so this week we celebrate the ‘good news’ of this story.

Over the last two weeks we’ve heard how Noah has trusted and obeyed God, and so now we’ll learn that God has rewarded this trust and obedience. Noah and his family are safe. Noah thanked God and so we must remember to thank Him too. God told Noah that he would never flood the earth again, and so He sent a sign to show this… a rainbow.

The rainbow is a powerful visual image for everyone. Next time we see a rainbow we can remember that God will keep his promises to us. God will never leave us. God is kind. He loves us and cares for us and wants us to be his friends.


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