Noah and the boat

Session aim: To find out that God is kind and to respond to his kindness to us

Bible Reference: Genesis 6: 9-22

We have a HUGE task to do this week’building an ark!’ … and rounding up all the animals!

So if you haven’t guessed we’re starting a new series on Noah for the next three weeks.

The story of Noah maybe familiar to the children, it features in just about every children’s Bible and many storybooks. It has animals and a happy ending (at least if you don’t read too far). But it also has a much darker side. We will be focusing on the good-news aspects, looking at the way God saved Noah’s family (rather than dwelling on the consequences for the people who had rejected God).

We want the children to see that God is loving and that he always wants the very best for people, and to understand that he always keeps his promises and can be trusted. For some of us that may not be easy. Trusting God in tough times can be a challenge.


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