Jeremiah’s Scroll

28-8-16 Jeremiah’s Scroll
Session aim: To hear about God’s word and how it’s important and can’t be stopped

This session is all about looking at the Bible. Over the last few Jeremiah sessions we have heard how Jeremiah meets with many who don’t like what he’s talking about. But he perseveres on and continues to share all about God’s love for us. In this particular story we learn that Jeremiah with the help of a friend, Baruch, writes down God’s messages. He meets a mean King who then takes the scrolls and burns it. But this doesn’t stop Jeremiah and Baruch they continue to write it again and again which is why we can read the word today.

Throughout history, and today, there are many places around the world where the Bible is destroyed to prevent people from sharing God’s word, but people keep coming back and sharing it over and over again. People like Jeremiah were not afraid to share God’s message and we should be the same. People may shut us down when we try and share God’s love and the Bible with them. But don’t be discouraged, the Bible has many examples where people have not being defeated… so we shouldn’t either!

People all over the world are translating and sharing the Bible so that the message can be heard. We think of Mary Jones, the young welsh girl from Bala, who travelled miles barefoot to get her own copy of the Bible. – If you haven’t heard her story I recommend you look her up. Her story is part of the inspiration behind the Bible Society.

Does your child have a Bible at home? If not here’s a link to some which are really good versions. There are Bibles in the list suitable for the youngest to the oldest [I’ve created the list on Amazon but you could pick them up in other places too]


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