Zacchaeus – Being a friend of Jesus

The Sunday is about being friends with Jesus (and others). 

The Bible story will be based on Zacchaeus (Za-key-us) [Luke 19-1-10].

 Zacchaeus was a Tax collector, and as you can imagine they were unpopular because they worked for the Roman occupiers and often took more tax than they should and kept it for themselves. There is no evidence that Zacchaeus had actually done this for he could hardly have paid back four times to everyone! 

Our children will have a natural insight into some of Zacchaeus’ experiences: children know what it is like to be the smallest person present and to struggle to see or know what is going on. They will also understand the almost spontaneous way in which Jesus and Zacchaeus become friends: children’s friendships can happen just as instantly – and between very different individuals. This is a Bible story that children can understand easily and grasp at their own level. This may be the first time they have heard this wonderful story of making friends with Jesus, but it is more than a story: the children will also hear Jesus’ offer of friendship to them and have the opportunity to accept it. 


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