Jeremiah buys a field

14-8-16 Jeremiah buys a field
Session aim: To live in hope because God knows the future

These four sessions about Jeremiah are challenging! There was nothing cosy about the Jeremiah’s life and yet, despite difficulties and opposition, his message was full of hope and trust in God.

Our children may face tough times either in the present or future, so it is good to encourage them to see that hard situations should not lead to loss of faith in God. Even with our smallest children, we can create a basis of trust both with our words and by our loyalty and faithfulness to them. Whatever the circumstances, God is to be trusted!

So the story for this week is about Jeremiah trusting God. Children will only understand trust if they experience it: ABC (Kids) is a place where we can provide them with a safe space for this to happen naturally.

We will be creating our own field of hope! 😀


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