Daniel’s New Life

Date: Sunday 22nd May
Session: Daniel’s new life
Series: Daring Daniel and Queen Esther
Bible Passage: Daniel 1
Session Aim: To discover that God helps us choose what is right

We begin a new series based on Daniel and then Esther from the Old Testament.

A bit of a background to Daniel: He was taken captive during a Babylonian invasion on Jerusalem. In Babylon he quickly made a mark for himself becoming a chief minister at Nebuchadnezzar’s court.He became known as a man who could interpret dreams and visions. His faith in God shone through, despite the confusion of being in exile. We hear in this weeks story how he refused to compromise his principles or his devotion to God.

Like Daniel we live in a world that is constantly pressurising us to conform. How far do we trust God to see us through difficult times? To what extent are we prepared to stand out against the pressure of society? Children see us as role models. The way we live communicates as powerfully to them as the things that we say.

Many of our (younger) children do not yet have the moral, intellectual or spiritual development to distinguish between right and wrong or how to make ethically sound decisions. Through the story of Daniel we can see how he is used to gently nurture the first stages of that awareness, using straightforward and observable examples of ‘doing right’.

So we can encourage the children to realise that having faith in God means that God wants them to live differently and so we’ll try and explore with them what that might mean in practical terms.


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