Jesus Goes To Heaven

Date: Sunday 8th May
Session: Jesus Goes to Heaven
Bible Passage: Acts 1-1-11
Session Aim: To find out that Jesus is alive in Heaven and that Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit to give us power

We have heard and seen the importance of living as God wants us to. We have also recognised that we often get it wrong(- yes!). The good news is that we are not left to struggle on our own. Jesus dying on the cross and rising gave us new life. But he also gives us his Spirit so that we can live that new life to the full.

Think about the transformation of the early disciples, from a frightened group locked away in a secret room, to a group who pour out on to the streets praising God is a constant reminder of what God can do in our lives. So are we trying to live our lives in the strength of the Spirit, or in our own strength? Is our main concern to do what God wants, or to satisfy our own interests, or please others around us?

How do we know that Jesus is still alive? Because he came back to life and he has not died again, so he must be! Young children’s concepts of fact and fantasy makes the story of Jesus going to heaven entirely credible for them. We can build on their awareness, to gently point them to the truth about how Jesus keeps his promises and that what he says will actually happen.

This session we’ll looking at Jesus going to heaven, and will be a basis for the children for our All –Age Worship the following week where we will hear about the Holy Spirit.

We will re-tell the story with balloons and the parachute. Not only will it be exciting but hopefully the children can take away from the session that even though we can’t see Jesus, we know he’s there with us, always!


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