Jonah obeys God

Date: Sunday 24th April
Session: Jonah obeys God
Series: Jonah
Bible Passage: Jonah 3-4
Session Aim: To find out what happens when God’s people do not do what he says and that God’s mercy is for everyone

Jonah’s story is about God’s love for everyone and about the need to recognise that in the way that we live. Do all people not matter what they’re background or lifestyle feel welcome in our church or do some feel excluded? What about those you will meet today, tomorrow or the future..? Learning about accepting everyone in God’s family is an important lesson for us all.
‘Sorry’ is a very familiar word and can sometimes seem to work like a ‘get out of jail free’ card. So hopefully this session can help our children (and us!) to understand that God wants us to change our behaviour and to not just say ‘sorry’


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