Jonah Runs Away

Date: Sunday 10th April
Session: Jonah runs away
Series: Jonah
Bible Passage: Jonah 1-2

Session Aim: To find out what happens when God’s people do not do what he says

This Sunday we start a 2 session series on Jonah. This series is about God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.
We hear how Jonah resists the call of God to preach in Nineveh not because he is afraid of the Assyrians, but because he is afraid that God will forgive them. He does not want people outside Israel coming to know God. But he has to learn the hard way that God loves all people and wants them to know him.
Of course this story is not really about being eaten by a fish! It is a story of disobeying and obeying as well as understanding God’s love for everyone. Through the Bible stories and activities the children will have opportunities to become more aware of God’s amazing love, kindness and goodness.


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