1st post! 2nd Birthday

Welcome to our new page especially for ABC Kids. Here we will try and keep you updated with everything we’re doing in the Children’s Ministry.

Yesterday (14.2.16) we celebrated our 2nd anniversary of having a children’s progamme at ABC Kids. We had great fun by looking at Psalm 150 – Praising God. We made our own instruments, played them and praised God. Children of all ages were involved from the youngest to the oldest.

At ABC Kids we like to share with the rest of the church what we’ve been doing in our sessions, so during the final hymn we all join back together and we go to the front and (proudly!) show what we’ve been up to. This Sunday we had everyone join in with us as we played our instruments and they sang ‘Praise Him on the Trumpet, Psaltry and Harp’ It was so loud but so awesome to see everyone together praising God.

Following the service the children had an indoor picnic sharing fellowship with each other. We even had cake! It was delicious.

Unfortunately we were all having so much fun we didn’t get any photographs (!)



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